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Your Furniture Delivery: What to Expect and How to Prepare 

We are so excited for you to receive your handcrafted, solid wood furniture. We hope it is cherished by your family for generations to come. 
You will receive periodic updates from us on the status of your furniture and an estimated shipping window a few weeks before delivery. A few days before delivery, our shipping partners will contact you directly to schedule a date/time. Feel free to contact us anytime during your furniture build process for updates. 
Before Your Delivery 
Prior to your delivery date, please ensure that the room/area where you want your new furniture to be set up is cleared of any obstacles and space is made available. Any obstacles that might make it difficult for our shipping partners to bring in the furniture between your entrance and where the furniture is going should also be removed. If you want felt feet or gliders to protect your floor installed on your furniture, please purchase these locally before your delivery date and our shipping team can install them for you. 
Our shipping partners provide a “white glove” delivery service, which means they will handle bringing in, setting up, and cleaning up any packaging materials so you don’t have to. 
Check for Damages 
We do ensure that there are multiple quality checks throughout the furniture build, finishing and shipping process, so most of the time, your furniture should arrive in perfect condition. However, damage does occasionally occur during shipping and mistakes do happen, so it is important that you arrange for a member of your household to be available during the delivery window to inspect your furniture thoroughly before our shipping partners leave.
Remember that our furniture is made from natural wood so there will be minor imperfections, such as knots, color variations, and small nicks or filled holes from insects. Each individual piece of wood also takes stain slightly differently, so minor differences in stain hue throughout the piece are also expected and normal. 
But if you see any defects, scratches or cracks that may have occurred during the shipping process, or anything about your order is incorrect, please inform our shipping partners in person and us (via phone or text) immediately. It is very important to us that you are 100% happy with your furniture and we will do whatever is needed to correct any issues. 
Minor scratches can be repaired by our shipping partners using special stain pens they carry with them that match the stain you have selected exactly. Our shipping partners live in Amish country (Ohio & PA) so they are not local and can only make corrections before they leave your home the day of your delivery.  So be sure to inspect your furniture thoroughly and ask for this service immediately. 
If the damage cannot be corrected by our shipping partners or something about your order is incorrect, please call us before our shipping partners leave to discuss other options for repair/replacement. Depending on the issue, we will either set up a furniture mechanic to come to your home and repair your piece, or we will have our shipping partners return your furniture that same day to the crafters for repair or replacement. When possible, we always try to repair any defects in your home, as sending back your furniture to the crafter does delay you enjoying your furniture for multiple weeks. Not informing our shipping partners of damage that requires them to return your furniture before they leave will also cause further delays, as they will have to drive back to your home at a later date to pick up the damaged furniture. So we truly appreciate your due diligence on the day of delivery.