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Table Size Chart and Seating Capacity

Use these images to help you determine what size table you need for your space. Many of our round tables have the option to add leaves. Each pair of 12″ wide leaves will typically allow you to seat 2 additional people, one on each side of the table.

For square or rectangular tables, the rule of thumb is that you need 2 ft of space for each person, so a 10ft long table can seat 5 people on each side (10 ft divided by 2 ft = 5), plus two people on the ends for a total of 12 people. A 60″ long table (5 ft.) can seat 6 people, 2 on each side, plus 2 on the ends. If you have a 60″ bench on the side of a 60″ table instead, this might allow you seat 3 people on a side (slightly tight) because 3 people take up less space than 3 chairs.