Wood Selections

Learn about the different types of wood we make furniture out of. Each has a different personality of tone and grain pattern, but all are sourced in America and look beautiful in any color.

You can order wood and stain samples to help you get a better idea of what your furniture will look like. They will be yours to keep to help with your redecorating. The cost goes towards your purchase, so it is risk free!

Cherry Family

Cherry: Cherry has long been the classic choice for wood furniture. It has a beautiful honey hue and a noticeable yet consistent grain that compliments any stain without overpowering it.

Rustic Cherry: All the same benefits of cherry with additional color variation and knots for added character

Sap Cherry: A variation of rustic cherry where sap streaks are used, adding more color variation.

Walnut Family

Walnut: For a truly premium design, consider upgrading your furniture to walnut,  a substantial wood with a gorgeous chocolate hue and a rich, bold grain. Walnut is also one of the densest and heaviest woods, so any piece created from this extra hard wood will stand the test of time.  A light or natural stain is recommended so the grain can be fully appreciated.

Rustic Walnut: Rustic walnut offers the same premium quality as the standard walnut but with mineral, sap, and knots for added character. 


For the customer with a more bold design aesthetic, elm wood’s dramatic grain pattern will make any piece of furniture stand out. This eye-catching wood takes on a wide variety of colors, depending on stain selection.

Oak Family

Oak: Oak is one of our most popular woods. Its strong and sturdy and known for its durability. Its unique, grain pattern gives it a beautiful smooth finish.

Quarter Sawn White Oak: Quarter Sawn White oak has been favored for generations by traditional Amish crafters. It’s a hard oak, which is created using a long-practiced woodworking technique where logs are rip-cut into quarters, resulting in a decorative rippled effect.


Offering lots of light and dark variation in tone, hickory wood is great for creating a rustic look. Hickory is also known for its density and sturdiness.

Maple Family

Hard maple: Features a very consistent tone and subtle grain which showcases stain well

Brown maple: Includes some brown/mineral streaks for color and has a slightly more rustic look

Wormy maple: A unique wood that is naturally distressed by the Ambrosia beetle with small holes, mineral streaks, and color variations.