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Lifetime Warranty

Contemporary Craftsman Stands Behind its Products and Craftsmanship

You are getting heirloom quality furniture that is meant to last forever, we want you to feel confident in your purchase and be as proud to own it as we are to sell it. We are proud to offer an industry leading warranty policy on all our products.

We will cover our products for the lifetime of the original owner. If your furniture fails due to problems in either the workmanship or materials, we’ll repair or replace it for free and cover any shipping costs required to restore the furniture properly.  

Just a few other things to note:

  1. This guarantee is provided furniture is not altered, subjected to misuse and is properly maintained or protected with polish and cleanser which contains no silicone, wax or ammonia. Failure to use proper products will invalidate this warranty
  2. Because furniture is a product of nature, color differences or changes, seasonal splits, checks, movement of parts are possible and not considered defects.  Solid wood will breathe, expand, and contract with normal temperature and humidity changes. Movement of this nature is normal and will not affect the structural strength or beauty of the furniture. Natural wood also can change colors over time, particularly when in high sunlight areas. This is natural and adds to the aged beauty of the furniture, it is not considered a defect.
  3. The finish on the table is a durable catalyzed varnish and is resistant to water, alcohol, and warm dishes. Finish can take up to 30 days to fully cure to reach its full potential of protection.
  4. Lumber used to make our furniture may have small imperfections that are filled with epoxy to ensure a smoother even surface. This is not considered a defect.
  5. This guarantee does not cover accidental damage resulting in stains, scratches, nicks, tears, or marks that occurs after receipt, or damage from subsequent moving or transport.
  6. Damage from initial shipment or improper manufacturing will be repaired or remediated but must be reported at the time of receiving.
  7. This guarantee is for you and your direct decedents, it is not transferrable. If you sell your furniture to anyone not directly related to you, we cannot honor this policy and hope you understand.