Caring for Your Wood Furniture

All of our pieces are built from 100% American hardwood and designed to last generations. However, in order to maintain the beauty of your furniture for years to come, it is important to clean and care for it appropriately. Our furniture comes with a Lifetime Warranty to assure you are always happy with the quality of your piece. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly with any additional questions regarding the care and maintenance of your furniture

  • For dusting or light cleaning, use a slightly damp microfiber or other type of
    soft cloth to remove dust and debris. For harder to remove spills or stains,
    add a drop of a mild soap, such as a standard dish soap, to your damp cloth.
  • Always clean with a slightly damp cloth, a fully dry cloth could scratch the
    table. Do not leave excess water on your wood furniture, as it can leave
    water marks behind.
  • Never use harsh cleaners on your furniture, especially those containing
    ammonia or bleach.
  • Occasional polishing is recommended. Choose a polish specifically designed
    for wood furniture that does not contain silicone, which will eventually give
    the surface a cloudy finish.
  • Keep liquids that are acetone or alcohol based, such as nail polish remover,
    away from your furniture. If a spill does occur, remove as quickly as
  • Avoid placing furniture directly in front of intense heat sources such as
    radiators or fireplaces.