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Why Buy Amish Furniture

Fully Customizable

  • We offer 7 different types of wood, 30+ stains and 50+ fabrics/leathers so you have endless options to customize each piece to perfectly match your taste and décor
  • Many pieces are available in two-tone using multiple stains, so there is ample opportunity to get creative
  • We can adjust measurements to the exact inch, so every piece will fit your space exactly

More Sustainable – Smaller Carbon Footprint

  • Amish furniture is made only from American grown lumber and crafted in the Midwest, nothing is shipped across the globe, saving on fossil fuel pollution and supporting the American economy
  • We have many pieces made from reclaimed barn wood, further reducing material and natural resource consumption

More Family Friendly – Less Toxic

  • Amish crafters don’t use particle board or medium density fiberboard (MDF), all of which off-gas and decrease interior home air quality. Every piece is made from 100% solid wood.
  • For fabric, we only use GREENGUARD GOLD Certified fabrics. The certification requires meeting health-based emissions criteria for 360+ chemicals to ensure that products are acceptable for use around children. Most of people’s everyday chemical exposure occurs through VOCs in their homes, why add additional risk by using uncertified fabric?

Lasts Forever

  • Amish crafted solid wood furniture is known for its longevity and will last for generations. These pieces are heirloom quality.
  • When furniture made with veneers gets nicked, chipped, or damaged, it can’t be repaired. But solid wood furniture can always be repaired, even if a child or pet chews or scratches it.