Our Mission

Purchasing good quality, stylish furniture can be a challenging process. Shoppers are often disappointed by trendy pieces from big box stores and online retailers, which are made from artificial materials and look great for a year or two before they quickly begin to fall apart. Solid wood furniture is much longer lasting, but often difficult to find at local stores, requiring the discerning consumer to spend significant time and effort hunting for pieces that fit into the modern home.

Our mission at Contemporary Craftsman Furniture is to make buying stylish, 100% solid wood furniture easy. You can select any piece from our curated collection and customize all the options: wood type, stain, fabric, leather, and hardware details. Then, using our online visualizer you can see a preview of what your selections will look like, so you can be sure you get exactly what you want.

To bring your design to life, we have partnered with Amish woodcrafters—a group that has been building furniture for generations—who will create your piece to your exact specifications. This individualized approach ensures that you take as much pride in owning these pieces as we do in selling them. While this approach does take time—approximately 16 weeks from purchase to delivery—we believe owning custom, handcrafted, American-made wood furniture is worth the wait. We hope that you do too.